Staff Wellbeing Short Programs

Mindset for Teams – 4 hours

Practical ½ day session designed to specifically support the needs of staff, to help them understand and upgrade their own mindset.

What you will learn:

  • Learn the proven positive psychology tools that you can incorporate into your life (and your students) in just minutes
  • Build an understanding of what creates and powers drama (and how to shut off the energy that feeds it!)
  • Learn what drives student, parent and staff behaviour through unpacking our beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviour


Investment: from $2,000
discounted rates available to schools in LSE areas

Wellbeing & Engagement for Teachers – Full day

Training endorsed by Monash University! visit link

Wellbeing & Engagement for Teachers is a full day program designed to provide practical and useful emotional wellbeing skills, with a no ‘fluffy stuff’ guarantee.

What you will learn:

  • Powerful models that help you understand why you (and students) do the weird things that we all do
  • Therapeutic models for actual self-care that you can implement immediately to create lasting positive change
  • Transformational ways to identify and tame the ranting self-talk that steals confidence and self-belief
  • Unpack new thinking and questioning methodologies to build class engagement

This course is endorsed by Monash University, with participants receiving a Monash University certificate.

Investment: from $10,000

Held onsite at Monash Clayton, or can be run onsite on request.

Life Formulas for Wellness – full day

Full day program showcasing simple and powerful human behaviour life formulas – proven wellbeing tools that ALWAYS work.

What you will learn:

  • How to make good confident decisions in just TWO STEPS, so you can become more agile in decision making
  • Learn the formula and skills to manage all of the constant WHAT IF conversations in your head that steal energy, joy and forward movement
  • Unpack the single most powerful life formula that allows anyone to have what they want to have… without the constant burnout
  • Discover the blueprint to create and maintain momentum even when things get tough and how to create the outcomes you want from any situation

Investment: from $4,000
discounted rates available to schools in LSE areas

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