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Fun Student Events (that also exceed your student wellbeing compliance requirements)

Wellbeing takes a nose dive when you’re struggling to get a job without networks, or start a business without know-how.

And you can feel pretty stupid when you can’t put a sentence together during presos (or with a camera in your face).

And sometimes you need to express your feelings and emotions in ways that don’t use words at all.

We’ve taken our innovative approach to these topics and more, so that you can rest assured we’ve got you covered.

I Just Need A Job!

With the costs-of-living skyrocketing, critical incidents are tragically heading in the same direction.

And with careers teams prioritising final year students, undergrads needing to find casual work are getting cast aside.

The pre-recorded ‘I Just Need A Job’ Program creates pathways for students to set themselves apart as proactive and confident, rather than just another online resume in the pile.

Delivered as an optional bolt-on to the 10 Minute Confidence Program, from $2/student.

access to 80% more jobs

The Straight to Shortlist Program empowers international students access the 80% of jobs in the hidden job market by proactively approaching and creating networks in the student’s field of interest.

Run as a hybrid on-demand and live-by-Zoom program, building both confidence and networking skills, students by-pass recruiters biases, showcases the students and builds the networks that get international students employed IN THEIR FIELD.

Program starts from $500 per student

Business = mindset & skills

Side Hustle School Entrepreneurship Program empowers aspiring founders with a unique 50/50 split of mindset and business skills, so they can become who they need to be to thrive in the workplaces of the future, as leaders, side hustlers, and entrepreneurs.

Regardless if they choose to start a business or not, SHS provides participants with the scaffolding and tools to grow personally and professionally, and to grow in any role, industry, or context.

Can be run as an intensive ‘fully develop your business idea or as a 2-day hackathon type ‘develop and test-drive your business idea’.

More than words - art therapy

Included in the upcoming Federal Government’s Best Practice in International Student Wellbeing Guides, the Creativity for Wellbeing program does more than create pretty pictures… creates a safe space for students to express emotions that words can’t, through a series of full- and part-day creative art events, to explore themes as diverse as:

– self-awareness
– connection (to self / others / place / country)
– teamwork & collaboration and
– innovative thinking & what it means in the workplace.

Program starting from $5,000

First Aid for Mental Health

ICARE is our student-friendly alternative to first aid for mental health.

Rather than talking diagnoses, we look at what drives weird behaviour, what stops (and encourages) safe mental health conversations and simple, powerful ways to start discussions with someone you’re concerned about.

“A subject that in the past has been boring and over the heads of our young people [mental health first aid], you treated with enthusiasm and in a non-clinical and fun approach from the angle of how people ‘tick’, being more relevant to our student leader teams.”

Residential Manager, Campus Living Villages

Program starting from $4,000

Public Speaking

Reel Confidence is our 4-hour ‘confidence on camera’ accelerator program, building personal and technical skills for students to find their voice – on or off camera.

Includes practical the confidence-boosting, break out of your shell ‘persona challenge’ where students get to ‘try on’ different versions of themselves including as rockstars, royalty and jokers!

Program starting from $4,000

Confident Presenters is our larger 10-12 hour program, going into depth to create confidence for presentations, pitches, and more.

Including our ‘persona challenge’, beliefs buster session, using slides and how to manage when things go pear-shaped!

Run in conjunction with non-profit Laneway Learning, the program can be delivered online and starts from $15,000

Comic Book Hero

Students become the writers, directors, editors and stars of their own group comic book adventure creation!

Based on one of a number of themes, the program secretly hides wellbeing, confidence, empowerment and self-leadership tools, all expertly weaved into through the Hero’s Journey. They might even discover their own hero-ness!

What it doesn’t hide is pure COSPLAY GEEK FUN!

Pricing starts from $3,500

Quadcasting group podcasting

The Quadcasting program connects people into teams of four to create impactful, meaningful podcasts about a meaningful topic – like connection.

The program ‘hides’ connecting with others, problem solving, managing change and tight deadlines, and finding and using your strengths in a team environment.

Listen here

Program starts from $15,000

Student Festivals

Let us custom build a strengths-based student-led festival…
they won’t even realise it’s for their wellbeing, because they’ll be having too much fun meeting others.

We’ve created one- and multiple-day events including Empowerfest, SwagStudio and the Summer Feelz Fest for Study Melbourne, building wellbeing and engagement outcomes.

Hear from our happy students

These 12 hours have added more than 12 years of experience.

Confident Presenters Program Attendee

Following the program, I realised I didn't have a panic attack or anything!

Confident Presenters Program Attendee Sowmiya, who 12 months later was speaking at a conference in Singapore

Reel Confidence helped me so much in getting the job

Reel Confidence Attendee

I'm choosing to miss work for these sessions

Creativity for Wellbeing attendee

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