Staff Wellbeing

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Short Programs

Half or full day staff wellbeing programs create a framework for staff and teachers to make sense of their own world, and that of students, creating a greater space for connection & engagement.

Online or in-person, inc premium Monash University endorsed version

PD Retreat

Two day on- or off-site professional development retreat to build in-depth understanding of personal and professional staff and student wellbeing tools and strategies.

In person only.

We are experts in helping you create a 'whole of school' approach to wellbeing

Imagine everyone singing from the same page of the wellbeing hymn book…

Where there was a shared language around what’s happening under the surface – rather than looking at WHAT the behaviour is, starting to understand and unpack WHY the behaviour is – for students and staff.

Our unique universal human behaviour approach creates a level playing field, where humans start learning what makes them tick… unpacking complex strategies in simple and approachable ways that are actually fun!

Australian data has shown more young people would turn to a teacher as a source of help with important issues than they would to a school counsellor.

A Review of Secondary School-Based Mental Health Prevention Programs – Orygen

Equipping staff & teachers with best practice wellbeing approaches means that everyone wins.

All Student Confidence Programs are designed to support a ‘whole of school’ approach’ to student wellbeing, rather than hoping and praying staff are adequately and appropriately supporting students, and removing the pressure and burden of ‘getting it right without really knowing what you’re doing’.

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