In House Workshops

Premium in house workshops to build student wellbeing and mental health outcomes

Rather than being the one option ‘go-to’, we know that in-person workshops need to be a part of the student wellbeing equation.

Why? because of what we call the Wellbeing Paradox – that frustrating situation where the students the need the most help are the least likely to attend. Which is why you consistently see the same (confident) faces at your events, while the shy ones stay invisible and hidden.

Using our unique 1-2-3 approach of pre-recorded, combined with live by Zoom and in house workshops, students have a pathway to confidence and wellbeing, rather than an all or nothing option.

Zero lectern, Zero PowerPoint, 100% Awesomeness

Yep, that’s right – we don’t stand trapped behind a lectern talking AT students (cos that’s so 2003!), we get out amongst the students and rarely (if ever) use PowerPoint presos – cos there’s way better ways than death by PowerPoint, right?

And ALL of our workshops, programs, courses and events exceed your student wellbeing compliance requirements. #doublewin!

Type of workshops we run inhouse

The best-suited in house workshops are one where students learn how to interact, or need to create action-based practices, so things like our:

  • Networking for Success – practical 101 on how to start a conversation etc
  • Ignite and Rewrite – all about challenging and destroying old limiting beliefs, before creating new empowering ones
  • Vision Boards – create a personal reminder of your new future vision to keep as a tangible and visible reminder
  • Standards – creating them and maintaining them. Perfect for groups, like Student Ambassadors to prevent the ‘ride along’ students

Hear from our happy customers

All your confidence advices and socialisation activities helped me a lot to improve skills and get this job


I have received some strong feedback from students that they loved your session


Our Mates absolutely loved the presentation, as did all of us staff members

Griffith University

I felt so alive and free


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