Live by Zoom Sessions

help students become the boss of themselves... by Zoom

But aren’t students Zoomed OUT?

Our interactive and engaging sessions often have the high quality problem of students not wanting to leave!

That’s because students get to get their questions answered and can remain anonymous for as long as they choose… although like Param’s transformational story (below), they don’t remain as a black box on screen for too long!

Zoom sessions also mean that students don’t have ‘out’ themselves as shy or not confident, breaking down stigma and help-seeking barriers.

Param's 8-Week Experience

12 Months Later

Event Ninjas (our built in leadership program)

When you’re shy or low in confidence, traditional leadership programs feel unreachable.

Our ‘Event Ninja’ positions empower students to safely step up for themselves into roles of invitational video content creators, DJ and 90 second dance break lead.

This has created phenomenal growth for students, like Pratibha.

Longer, more in-depth content and 'ask anything' questions

Students love the longer 90 minute format of the live by Zoom sessions, where we cover more in-depth topics like ‘Confident Decision Making’ and ‘Winning the What If’s War’.

More confident students can start here, or ‘graduate’ to the live by Zoom sessions after starting with the 10 Minute Confidence Program, allowing them the space for personal and professional growth and proactive and preventative wellbeing outcomes.


Student Feedback (and why we're Best Practice)

It’s cool to have researchers determine you’re best practice (thanks Prof Ly Tran @ Deakin), but we think that hearing from students about the impact of our programs is even better…

Hear from our empowered students

I am already seeing impacts on my day-to-day routine.


I have been challenging myself with all of my take aways.


One of the most engaging and ‘unusual’ online workshops I’ve attended!


Thank you for inspiring me to go further and make a difference


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