Staff PD Retreat

Support the wellbeing of your staff (and students) without the same boring training

Run in-house or off-site the Come Alive Staff PD Retreat is the perfect marriage of staff wellbeing and staff upskilling!

Build your skills and RENEW your soul!

  • Take a deep dive into ‘head scratching’ student behaviour
  • Test drive effective personal stress management skills (that you can share with students too)
  • Share best practice with your peers (what’s working well, what could be improved)
  • Clear experiential learning with new take-home skills
  • Personalised experience – maximum of 50 participants
  • Expert presenters and guaranteed learnings from IEAA Excellence in Innovation Award and Federal Government Best Practice facilitators

The COME ALIVE PD Retreat is for YOU if:

  • You’re a dedicated, passionate student-facing professional who’s slogged it out (often without much -or any- support).
  • You’re excited to learn and understand new ways of unpacking what makes students tick (so that you can connect even more easily).
  • You’re not just tired, you’re BONE TIRED, so tired that you have forgotten what rested even feels like, right?

The COME ALIVE PD Retreat is for YOUR STAFF if:

  • Your staff would benefit from learning about the most powerful new ways to understand and connect more deeply with students.
  • You know your staff have gone above and beyond in the last 2+ years.
  • You weren’t always there to support your team as you would have liked.
  • You’d like to reward them, but also want it to be beneficial to the students (and the business)

Who is this for?

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